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Traf-Sys People Counting Systems SenSource
Traf-Sys People Counting Systems has helped hundreds of campuses harness and utilize traffic data to better serve the campus community. Whether you are planning to count people in the future or upgrading your existing system, we are your best resource.   Make better business decisions for your student union with SenSource monitoring solutions. SenSource specializes in providing best-fit solutions for the unique needs of university student unions, big and small. From basic traffic reporting to fully integrated business solutions, we have what you need.

SICO® is the company that K-12, public, private, government, and college and university facility managers all look to for innovative, time-tested products that maximize space in school facilities. Our smartly engineered products are designed to transform school spaces into versatile, multi-purpose environments while offering the durability that optimizes your budget and delivers true long-term value. Screenflex offers room dividers with amazing versatility, which aids customers in achieving their goal of getting the best and most flexible use of their valuable floor space.

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Updated Jan. 24, 2017