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Portable Flooring and Staging

PSFurniture Mity-Lite StageRight
PS Furniture builds their business by building relationships. And it just so happens that they make furniture. Many product offerings were created as a direct result of collaboration with customers, and they'll get what you need delivered as quickly as possible. Mity-Lite, a global manufacturer of market-leading furniture systems including lightweight folding tables; folding chairs, banquet chairs, and stacking chairs; portable dance floors; partitions; and carts. StageRight brings more than 25 years of innovative solutions and products that allow spaces to be transformed to meet the demands of the ever changing performance environment with portable platform design and implementation.
 McCourt Manufacturing  SICO  
McCourt Manufacturing produces stackable folding chairs, stackable stationary chairs, plywood folding tables with the SuperCorner option, portable dance floors, and other event products. SICO is the company that K-12, public, private, government, and college and university facility managers all look to for innovative, time-tested products that maximize space in school facilities. Our smartly engineered products are designed to transform school spaces into versatile, multipurpose environments while offering the durability that optimizes your budget and delivers true long-term value.  

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Updated Jan. 24, 2017