ACUI Procure Policies

Invoices and Payment
Invoices are sent to members after confirmation that the product has shipped. In some cases, you will receive the invoice before the product actually arrives on your campus. Remit payment within the net 30 terms.

Deductions for such things as shortages on shipments or incorrect pricing will not be allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with an ACUI Procure sales team member and proper documentation is submitted along with the payment from which the deduction is taken. ACUI Procure must have this information to justify the subsequent deduction from payment to the supplier. In most cases, the quantity, quality, or service issue will be resolved and the payment will be due in full.

Standard Freight and Order Policies
Order must be placed with proper authorization. On “prepay and add” freight charges, ACUI Procure will add these charges to the member’s invoice. Freight charges are not discountable. Freight costs are estimated and are subject to change.

Price Quote Policy
Quotations may be valid up to 30 days, depending on the vendor; once the order is placed, any changes may result in price adjustments.

Lead Time
Typical lead times are 6 to 12 weeks. Orders will not be placed until proper authorization is received, which may cause delays. Please return approval as soon as possible in order to minimize lead times.    

Returns, Exchanges, and Damaged Goods
Returns, exchanges, and unsatisfactory items are subject to a 25% restocking fee plus inbound and return freight, unless the wrong product was sent by the supplier or the product is damaged upon receipt. Damage must be documented at time of delivery; photos are helpful, if possible.

Competitive Cost Data
For ACUI Procure to accomplish its goal of providing the best pricing and value, we need to be armed with the best information possible about the conditions of your local market. The best source for that information is you. Please take time to report information concerning price, availability, quality, and new products. While we realize this may take a bit of extra time, the potential benefits to you and other members make it worthwhile.


Updated July 31, 2015