Diversity and Inclusion

ACUI is committed to a vision for diversity and inclusion: to provide programs and services to our membership and the higher education community that actively affirm, embrace, and infuse multiple systems, values, and cultures. Driven by principles of mutual respect, common purpose, and equity for all persons, the Association is committed to creating and maintaining a sense of community and inclusion for all its constituents and raising awareness regarding issues of oppression.

To make real the vision, our goal is to enhance the state of inclusiveness within the Association by engaging in ongoing processes:

  • Systemic acts of inclusion and social justice at all levels of the Association.
  • Purposeful and authentic communication, informed by our core competencies.
  • Continuous reexamination of structures, programs, and services for inclusiveness.
  • Education and experiences that enhance participants’ intercultural proficiency.

ACUI values diversity, including that of race, color, religion, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status, veteran status, age, national origin, culture, appearance, generation, caste/class, ancestry, political beliefs, education, job function, and institution type, and does not engage in or tolerate discrimination in any of its activities or operations. Accordingly, all who are involved in the Association as volunteers, employees or guests of the organization, shall use practices and modes of communication reflective of this commitment.

This commitment serves as a living document that affirms that every member of ACUI has a role in these processes and expectations.

-Approved by the ACUI Board of Trustees, March 2016



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Updated Feb. 7, 2017