Institutional Membership

Any college or university that presents a general program for the cultural and recreational life of the student body as a primary activity is invited to join the Association. Institutional membership is based on a calendar year with an annual renewal date of Jan. 1 or Aug. 1; the date is determined at the origination of membership. The dues structure for institutional members is calculated on a matrix that combines institutional enrollment (full-time equivalent) and the number of professional staff.

When an institution joins ACUI, the institution receives a number of individual memberships that can be given to professional staff members, vice presidents, chancellors, presidents, or boards of trustees. Although anyone on your entire campus can take advantage of ACUI membership benefits such as member-priced publications, event registrations, and discounted purchases on furniture, fixtures, and equipment through ACUI Procure, the individuals on your membership roster also:


  • Receive their own copy of The Bulletin magazine
  • Are entitled to vote for members of the Board of Trustees
  • Are eligible to hold office or serve as a member of the Board of Trustees
  • Appear in the online member directory
  • Receive communications sent by ACUI

    What are the dues
    for my institution?


    ACUI members receive benefits and savings not available to nonmember institutions. The sum of these can far outweigh the monetary cost of your membership. The following is an example of the cost-saving benefits available and how membership can pay for itself.


    Event description

    Member discount

    Total savings

    Annual conference registration

    At least $200 per
    professional registration, average institution sends five


    Regional conference registration

    Average of $50 per registration, average institution sends four


    ACUI Procure purchase

    Up to 5% total discount and rebate on 480 banquet chair purchase


    ACUI Procure Promos purchase

    Up to 40% discount on purchase of 500 T-shirts with screen print


    Recreation tournament registration

    Average of $10 per participant, average institution sends five


    Clay targets tournament registration

    Average of $85 per participant, average institution sends nine


    Poetry slam registration

    $200 per institution


    I-LEAD registration

    $250 per registration, average institution sends two



    Total savings possible:



    Rates, discounts, and rebates may change based on event or product. Individual results may vary.

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