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ACUI is excited to announce its partnership with USAA to launch the new ACUI Collegiate Air Hockey program!

In 2016, ACUI introduced a newly-revived sport to further its mission of building communities by fostering unique opportunities to develop student interests. The establishment of this Collegiate Air Hockey program will expand the existing collegiate recreational platform and build new, high-quality opportunities for niche student activities and sports to grow across campuses.

ACUI has appointed United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) to be the governing body of the new program, and all competitions will be run according to USAA rules and regulations for the division.


2017 ACUI Collegiate Air Hockey

Are you interested in promoting the play of air hockey and helping ACUI build this new student platform? Become a sectional host in 2017 and bring ACUI to your school. Hosting an ACUI program allows you to showcase your campus and facilities and give rise to student programming and opportunities.

See if you qualify to host by reviewing the 2017 Air Hockey Request for Proposal. For questions, contact Adrena May at


The Open Tournament

ACUI held its first collegiate air hockey tournament May 21, 2016 at the University of Houston. This was the first of more sectional events to come where students will have the opportunity to compete against other air hockey athletes for awards and slots into the Championships, which will be held in the 2016-17 season.

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Results: Men's Singles 

  1. Jacob Weissman
  2. Avery Yebernetsky
  3. Ben Ebers





History of Air Hockey

The sport of air hockey has been around for almost half a century. The idea of the game is credited to an ice hockey fan, Bob Lemieux, who teamed up with a group of Brunswick Billiards employees in 1969. From 1969 to 1972, this group worked to construct what would be the most dominating and transcending recreational game of the 1970s.   

The main component of the idea of air hockey was to create a recreational replica of the ice hockey sport that had a frictionless surface. The game consists of a thin disk (hockey puck), two mallets (sticks) and slit-like goals equipped with photodetectors to document goals scored.

By 1973, teams and associations formed and brought the game to a professional platform that would transcend around the world.

Today, the USAA and Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA) lead the way in the promotion and regulation of air hockey play around the world.


2016-17 Eligibility and Code of Conduct Form

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Updated Sept. 27, 2016