Campus Awards

ACUI offers the below awards recognizing outstanding programs and innovations on campus. Each link below will provide basis for recognition, criteria, and the application process.

This year's nomination deadline has closed for the awards and scholarships, which will be presented at the 2017 annual conference.

If you have questions about any of ACUI's awards and scholarships, please email


Basis for recognition

Collaborative Program of the Year

Recognizes a program or activity that is created and implemented by multiple organizations working in partnership

Excellence in Innovations in Sustainability

Recognizes innovation in the creation and application of sustainable outcomes on campus

Excellence in Student Training Programs

Honors innovative approaches, commitment, and intelligence toward student employee training programs

Joseph H. Benedict Jr. Social Change Award for Racial Justice 

Recognizes a program that engages the campus and community in conversations, and develops strategies for institutional change, that address and help alleviate racial injustices.

Outstanding Service Project of the Year

Honors outstanding programs on campus that make significant contributions to the community

Shirley Bird Perry Staff-Driven Program of the Year

Celebrates the achievements of staff charged with programming on their campus

Student-Driven Program of the Year

Celebrates the accomplishments of students charged with programming on their campus


Updated Jan. 7, 2017