Website – Content Management

It is important to maintain website content and ensure all content is up to date.

The communications coordinator and web and and social media coordinator will have credentials to access ACUI's Content Management System (CMS) to update web content (see below). Desired web updates should always be filtered through these volunteers.

Content Guidelines

Refer to the following guidelines when creating and updating content:


  • Use different header sizes to break up content. Heading 1 should only be used at the top of the page as a call to overall content; Heading should be used as a section header. Heading 3 is the same as bold text.
  • Don't make headings too long. Page and section headers should only be a few words long and never take up more than one line.
  • Capitalize headings per ACUI style. Page and section headers (despite what heading style used) should always be capitalized.


  • Don't use too much text. A page becomes easily unreadable if paragraphs are too long in length. Try to group relevant ideas together and allow for breathing room with short paragraphs. 
  • Use HTML lines to break up sections. A page that offers multiple sections (such as this one) may need HTML lines added to allow the reader to seek necessary information easier. 
  • Bold text to draw attention to important information. Do not underline text and only italicize when stylistically appropriate.
  • Avoid the phrase "click here."

Using the CMS

You can find a cheat sheet for using the CMS here.  

Publishing Timeline

Once an item is submitted to the CMS, allow 24 hours for it to be published. While it typically won't take this long, situations may arise in which the content will not be published immediately.

Updated June 18, 2014