ACUI Regional Leadership Teams

To provide oversight and direction to the work of the regions, the volunteer positions below comprise the Regional Leadership Team for each of ACUI's eight regions. Please review the information about these opportunities below, and feel free to contact current members of these teams with any questions.

Student Member of the Regional Leadership Team

Regions I and III are still accepting applications for student members to serve on the Regional Leadership Team, to serve as the chief student voice for the region. Review the position description and responsibilities here

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Other Open Regional Leadership Team Positions

Some regions continue to seek individuals who serve in other open positions on the team:

Also serving on the Regional Leadership Teams are regional directors, who are elected in May to provide oversight to the team for two years and serve on the Association Leadership Team, and student members, who are selected in December provide student voice to the work of the team for a one-year term.


Regional Leadership Team Responsibilities

Along with to the position-specific responsibilities above, every member of a Regional Leadership Team is expected to:

  • Attend and participate in Regional Leadership Team meetings at the regional conference, one additional face-to-face meeting each year, and additional meetings as determined by the region.
  • Participate in monthly Regional Leadership Team conference calls throughout the year.
  • Participate in regular conference calls with other regional counterparts in similar positions.
  • Act as a resource person for the region and campus organizations.
  • Help recruit a diverse group of volunteers to serve on the Regional Leadership Team.
  • Inspire student involvement in the Regional Leadership Team, regional conference, and other ACUI programs and services.
  • Develop proposals for educational sessions at the regional conference.
  • Provide information to help promote the activities, services, and events of the region through appropriate regional communications opportunities.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Association.


Applicants must be employed in a college union/student activities or related department at a member institution that has committed to provide institutional support. Membership in good standing at a member institution in good standing from within the region is required, as well as a commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term. For the student member of the Regional Leadership Team, applicants must be a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student who is not a full-time employee at the institution; is involved in a college union/student activities department; is not set to graduate the upcoming May or August; and has commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term. If selected, all candidates must be able to sign the ACUI Volunteer Agreement Form.

Training and Support

All Regional Leadership Team members will be provided an ACUI orientation in September each year, position-specific training in October, and a training session with a Central Office staff member prior to or during the regional conference. Each volunteer position will have a Central Office staff liaison. There will also be opportunities to connect with other volunteers in the same position from other regions through a private community of practice on the ACUI website, which includes online discussion forums, resource sharing, and planning for meetings via conference calls and during the annual conference.

Institutional Support

Financial and professional development time commitment from the institution for the volunteer to attend the annual conference and/or regional conferences as designated in the volunteer job description. An Institutional Support Form must be filled out, showing that a supervisor is both knowledgeable of the position description and institutional requirements/commitments.

Regional Financial Support

If the face-to-face Regional Leadership Team meeting at the regional conference necessitates early arrival, the region will cover lodging costs associated with early arrival at the regional conference. For the other face-to-face Regional Leadership Team meeting(s) during the year, the region will cover all associated travel and lodging costs for Regional Leadership Team members to attend.


The term is two years for all positions, except the student member which is a one-year term. Volunteers will become incoming members of the Regional Leadership Team as of Sept. 15, with the term beginning at the 2016 regional conference and ending at the 2018regional conference (or the 2017 regional conference for the student involvement coordinator). There are no term limits. Each position must be advertised every two years and current volunteer must submit an application to be considered for each additional term.


Volunteer applications are submitted in July each year. A selection committee from each region conducts interviews and recommends a slate candidates for approval by the Regional Leadership Team. The selection committee should consist of a combination of at least four individuals from the following list: the Regional Director, the Regional Director-elect, the Student Involvement Coordinator, the Regional Volunteer Coordinator, the Regional Inclusivity Coordinator, a Central Office staff member, and member of the Volunteer Development Team (not from the region). If any of the volunteers currently serving in these roles are applying for a position(s), they will not participate in the screening process.

Updated March 2, 2017