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Today, ACUI has more than 5,000 members (comprised of both professionals and student leaders) from more than 500 leading higher education institutions in the United States and eight other countries. ACUI institutional members are unique because in most cases, the organization’s entire leadership team participates with ACUI. This provides the ability for associate members to drive awareness and interest with the full decision-making team! 

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Members like doing business with other members. They depend on their professional association for purchasing connections. As a result, associate members often enjoy accelerated sales cycles, or even immediate purchase decisions at networking events such as the ACUI Expo.

Associate membership in ACUI opens doors for you on campuses. Maximize your visibility and investment in the higher education market by joining ACUI as an associate member. Your company will stand out from the crowd as an active participant and a trusted partner.

Drive Business Results 

ACUI provides the opportunity to create a powerful brand expression and excellent business results by collegially and strategically introducing your organization to its exact target customer. ACUI is a turnkey solution to collecting a share of the higher education market’s substantial and steady buying power.

In business today, every marketing expenditure must count! The ability ACUI provides to efficiently and effectively access higher education decision-makers provides an outstanding return on investment (ROI). Further, focusing marketing and sales efforts in the higher education segment can provide the stabilizing force of a well-diversified business portfolio.

Details and Benefits

Become an Associate Member of ACUI today! Associate dues for 2016-2017 are $995, and are on a 12-month rolling membership plan. Additional benefits include:

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  Member discounts on advertising opportunities, the ACUI BookstoreACUI Promos, and more

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Member access to the ACUI website, your resource to membership trends, issues, and thought leadership

One subscription to The Bulletin, ACUI’s award-winning magazine, which is published six times a year

Participate in forum discussion, share resources, and meet members interested in your industry by joining a Community of Practice.

      Associate Plus package

      Additional representatives of an associate member company can receive the same mailings as the main contact person with the Associate Plus package and be listed in the member directory. The Associate Plus package costs $75 per person and is renewable on the anniversary date of original payment. The company must have an associate membership to be eligible for the Plus package.


Please fill out this form to be invoiced and start your membership. For more information, please contact us.


Interact in person with college union directors at the 2017 ACUI Expo.

ACUI Associate Membership

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