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College and University Programs

Interested in playing billiards in college? Continue to hone your skills and compete competitively on campus, against other schools, and even qualify for an international level 9-Ball tournament. Once you've decided on a school, take a look at their website for information about students playing billiards on campus. It might be a recognized club sport that travels to tournaments and is funded by student fees organized by the student activities office, or it could be coordinated by the recreational sports department on campus. Even if it is not yet on your campus, you can be the impetus to getting a club started. All you need is a few friends and some help from the appropriate department on campus. 

Here are a few tips from Pool & Billiard Magazine written by collegiate pool guru Betsy Sundholm, along with a list of schools with programs.  

ACUI 9-Ball

ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Information

Using the links above, find out more about recreation tournaments hosted across the country (Sectional Recreation) or find out about the annual championships (Nationals).

ACUI collegiate championships are designed to contribute to the social, physical, mental, and emotional development of students and professionals. ACUI further promotes its core value of community through its recreation and leisure activities program.  This is one of the longest running programs in the Association's history. 

Students who would like to participate in Nationals must first compete in a 9-Ball qualifying tournament and receive an invitation to the championships. ACUI will be conducting 9-Ball qualifying tournaments, typically in the January through March time frame, and other institutions or organizations may be as well.

Contact Jake Dawes if you are interested or would like more information

9-Ball Archive

Check out the history of ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball National Championship Winners
View the men and women who have won since 1937.




Updated Sept. 28, 2016