Volunteer Opportunities

ACUI's mission is given life through the hard work of volunteers. Volunteer opportunities range from brief assistance given at an event to elected positions spanning two years in office.

Volunteer opportunities offer ACUI members a rich experience that returns incredible value in leadership development and visibility within the profession. As any past volunteer will tell you, the experience is fun, challenging, and rewarding!

Volunteer positions generally are categorized as elected positions or appointed positions. All volunteers are asked to sign and submit a completed Institutional Support Form. [pdf]

The ACUI Board of Trustees is elected by the membership and in turn the ACUI Board of Trustees appoints additional members to the Leadership Team. More information is available on these pages of the website:

If you have questions or would like to nominate someone for any future openings, send an email to volunteer@acui.org.

Other volunteer positions may become available at any time. Be sure to check this page often for up-to-date volunteer opportunities!

For openings at the regional level, please check with your regional director.

For additional information about the selection process for appointed positions, check this out.


ACUI Leadership Team: July 2012

 Questions? Contact Justin Rudisille at jrudisil@acui.org.

Updated Aug. 11, 2014