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I-LEAD® Connect:
Your campus-based Institute for Leadership Education and Development!

I-LEAD® Connect is ACUI's newest premier student program, designed to emphasize the key concept areas of leadership, community development, and change. I-LEAD® Connect offers an opportunity for college students to focus on personal growth and other issues facing our world. This three-day institute prepares students to develop skills that will serve them as leaders in any situation regardless of role, organization, or environment while breaking cross-departmental barriers.

The program's learning outcomes can be found here. They fit perfectly into the Association's Core Competencies and complement the annual I-LEAD® program's learning outcomes.

This program can be customized for each campus to better fulfill the needs of your student community.

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 Student participants themselves describe their program experiences as outstanding. Consider these testimonials:

"I-LEAD® was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It’s a place where you can really learn and grow as a leader and as a person— and meet some amazing people along the way.”

“What I liked most about I-LEAD® was the sense of community it instilled in me, and leadership values which will guide me in my quest for optimum self-actualization.”

"If I could share one thing about my I-LEAD® experience with a potential participant, it would be how amazingly accepting and welcoming the institute is. People are so wonderful, and you feel completely comfortable speaking and sharing your opinions. It has been amazing, and I think every leader should experience I-LEAD®!”  

Response from Cecilia Ortiz, Director of the Loker Student Union at California State University–Dominguez Hills, host of the first I-LEAD® Connect:

"There is a new buzz amongst students, and it is a strong sense of community which resulted from their experience at the very first I-LEAD® Connect program. We were thrilled to discover I-LEAD® Connect because it made it possible for us to bring a proven leadership development program to all of our student leaders. As an alum of the program, I knew firsthand the potential that it has to be a transformative experience. What I did not know was how much more of an impact it has when the participants are from the same community and already know each other from the start. I-LEAD® Connect facilitated dialogue across all student organizations and student governing boards on how best to collaborate to overcome their challenges and to achieve their missions. The outcomes are evident in the energy that is felt throughout the campus. Our engaged I-LEAD® Connect graduates are engaging other students and through that, they are positively changing the co-curricular experiences of the entire community."   

Questions about the program

For information about the I-LEAD® Connect, pricing, or hosting future programs on your campus, contact: 

Michelle J Smith, ACUI

Kim Pho, ACUI 

Updated April 5, 2016