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ACUI Table Tennis Championships

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Last season for ACUI Table Tennis:

ACUI held its last Collegiate Table Tennis Championships at the University of Akron in 2015. This recreational program was an ACUI tradition for more than 75 years and served as a cornerstone in building student community by highlighting and nourishing student union involvement through recreation and leisure activities.

As the sport began to grow, another collegiate association catering to the continual play of table tennis formed. This organization, the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA), established a great partnership with ACUI. 

As an association that is continuing to grow its programs, ACUI seeks to provide new and special ways to engage students in the Association through competitive and traditional recreation programs. Therefore, ACUI decided to retire one of its foundational recreation sports for the time being. As the current leader in collegiate table tennis, NCTTA will be the primary host of the program and continue to host sectionals and championships independently of ACUI.

ACUI will continue to support the traditional sport through NCTTA and will work together to promote Collegiate Table Tennis. If you have any questions about the transition, please contact ACUI at or Leparulo at All information about upcoming and future table tennis competitions can be found at

2015 Championship Awards

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TT 07 action

Contact Information

To get your students connected to Table Tennis including information about rules, tournament draw, etc., please contact NCTTA's President:

Willy Leparulo
Florida State University 

If ACUI can assist in fulfilling needs for your recreation area on campus please submit information to on your equipment needs.

Updated Sept. 26, 2016